Sunday, May 11, 2008

Social Media?

Take 5 minutes to read the marketing blogs and you will see at least 20 posts on social media. My company is dabbling and toying with the idea. But lets face is challenging. It has to be done right and with intent. If the company is risk natured, and red-taped, then good may be a long time coming. More than the internal politics of the company, using social media is hard. It is much more than creating a myspace page, or better yet a facebook page. Social media is about managing the brand on-line in a way consumers find engaging, savvy, and - yes fun. It can be informative, educational, or it can be raw and consequential. Don't fool yourself , for most companies it is a strategic, and deliberate way to do hard core brand management in this digital age.

I started a poll - just for my own curiosity...who's company is using social media?

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