Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Target Wins

As far as successful and well executed strategies, Target wins. They are right on right on target. This is a company where the target market is clearly defined and the products and promotion all tie together. The bargain shopping rich to the college students all shop at Target. Where else can you get a down comforter for $20 that looks strikingly similar and sometimes more stylish to the $200 one found else where. Thanks Target for being a company where I want to shop, and one that the marketing gurl can study!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Skimpy Doesn't Do It Tim Hortons!

Friday is Tim Horton's day for me. They have a mean breakfast bagel. But...the Tim's I frequent not only does not give me a coffee mitt for my cup, but they give 2 really wimpy napkins, and the smallest bags ever. The last time I went there the woman put my apple in a bag and handed me my sandwich and coffee. I was cussing at Tim Horton's when I walked in to work that morning.