Thursday, May 15, 2008

Red Train vs Blue Train

Insights from Red Train/Blue Train

This week I am trying to account for when I am on the Red Train filled with negativity and when I am on the Blue Train to positivity. I found that I got on Red Train fairly frequently and had a very hard time getting off of it. In fact, I was on it for one whole day because I had to deal with confrontation. For me, confrontation puts me immediately on Red Train. I see confrontation as negative and my thoughts center around this negativity.

Another thing I noticed during this exercise is that my thoughts are extremely important while I am running. I am a runner and I am currently running about 15 miles a week. I was on the way to the gym on Sunday morning and I caught myself thinking, this is going to be a long hard run. Indeed it was a long hard run. I more than likely created that situation in my head. I also noticed my thoughts run very quickly through my head while I am running, and a lot of running in general is about playing mind games and telling yourself to keep going, and envisioning positives to run further and faster. On Monday I pushed myself by telling myself positive statements. This worked out well for me.

After I spoke with my husband about the task he got on board very quickly. In fact a couple times during the week he told me to get off the Red Train and on to the Blue. That pissed me off. Back on Red. Don't make a joke about the trains.

I think if I make an effort to think positively and talk to myself positively I can be more effective and focused in the things that I do every day. Paying attention this week made me very aware of what my thoughts are doing to my actions, and what I put in to things and get out of the things I do.

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