Thursday, July 31, 2008

Marketing Blog - Google Docs has over 1 million users on campuses worldwide

Google Apps is rapidly gaining momentum in education. We now have more than a million people on campuses worldwide actively using Google's suite of email, calendar and docs to share information and study. This makes perfect sense. Schools have always been a proving ground for innovative ideas. And as we prepare for the new school year, we are happy to welcome more than a dozen universities across the U.S., joining the thousands of other schools that have already embraced cloud computing in education. Here are the new additions:
  • Collin County Community College District
  • Francis Marion University
  • George Washington University
  • Indiana University
  • Kean University
  • Kent State University
  • Kishwaukee College
  • Loyola Marymount University
  • Montgomery County Community College
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • University of Florida
  • University of San Diego
  • University of Virginia
This is really just the beginning. As we continue working to make it easier to communicate and collaborate online, we are going to meet with some of the top technology experts -- the students themselves. For the entire month of September, we are heading "App to School" by embarking on a cross-country bus tour to visit campuses, listen to students and learn more about how cloud computing is helping education. Please check out our Enterprise blog for more info.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Marketing Blog - Cuil - The New Search Engine - Everyone's Talking About

If you read the news today you could not have missed it. Cuil, pronounced "Cool" the new search engine. I myself, am slightly unimpressed mostly with the layout and the results so far.

Like Google, Cuil starts out with a very nondescript front page where you enter your search term, though Cuil sports a black background to differentiate it from Google right up front. That's where the differences start, and it gets better from there.

Rather than displaying search results in the plain-Jane text that Google does, Cuil brings back a very nice looking and well organized multi-column page including a thumbnail of a header, portrait or graphic from that link's page. Well, sometimes it does but it's not always accurate. On a search for my name, Cuil associated a picture of James Mitchell Ashley (can't say I've sported a suit like that in some time) and a cowboy dude from what looks like an album cover. Obviously Cuil has some perfecting to do but I like where it's going.

What else is different about Cuil? They say they don't analyze their users, they analyze web pages, ranking them for relevancy, inter-relationships and coherency, not just popularity. (Hmm...I'm not a search algorithm expert but that could mean just about anything.) They also say Cuil searches 3x the web pages as Google and 10x more than Microsoft Live Search. Cuil also organizes results into tabs. I've often wonder why Google couldn't distinguish the difference between Fender guitars and fender benders.

Look Ma, no advertising. No signs of that yet in Cuil's search results but you'd have to guess that's in Cuil's future as usage builds up. I've only just tried Cuil so I don't have much hands on experience with it to say whether I like or hate it yet.

One more thing. Cuil lists a general council on their exec team. Not that I want to get any nasty-grams from some lawyer but I always question when startups have full time legal council. Seems to me there's usually two reasons: either there's lots of business contracts to work on, or you're expecting enough IP disputes or litigation from competitors (Google?) that it's better to start stocking up the war chest early. Don't know if I'm right but that's what make sense to me.

Let me know what you think of Cuil, if you use it, think its a waste or like what you see.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Marketing Blog - Marketing Technology - Artificial Intellegence versus Expert systems

What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence systems and Expert systems?

The difference between artificial intelligence systems and expert systems is that is expert systems are built on artificial intelligence technologies. Expert systems are good for discrete, highly structured decisions. Expert systems are knowledge-intensive computer programs that capture the expertise of a human in limited domains of knowledge. Artificial intelligence systems are systems designed to behave like humans, with the ability to learn languages, accomplish physical tasks, use a perceptual apparatus, and emulate human expertise and decision-making. This is much broader than the limited scope of expert systems.

In marketing this is an important distinction because some companies are making complex decisions in order to position and target a particular product. There needs to be a clear distinction between the decision making software and what is included on not included within the decision making framework.


Marketing Blog - Goodbye to Randy Pausch, he inspired many....

Goodbye to Randy Pausch, a great teacher

7/26/2008 10:25:00 AM
Randy Pausch, a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and a good friend of Google, passed away last night. In addition to being recognized as a pioneer in virtual reality research, he became widely known as a gifted teacher and a mentor to many. Millions of people saw his inspiring "Last Lecture" on YouTube. Read more about Randy and his contributions on our Research Blog.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Marketing Blog - Google Operators

Today my blog entry will be a quick very useful guide.

Here is a link the the Google guide for advanced operators. If you are a webmaster and looking for a great list of all the helpful search terms in Google, then here it is!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Honda's online success VS Coke

Honda had over 16,600,000 searches in June on google alone!

Honda also has in total over 42,ooo channel views on YouTube on the Honda Channel

In a YouTube Search for Honda there are over 160,000 different possible video links.
Check out this Honda YouTube video from Spike TV:  Watch Video
This video Honda Video has received over 203 comments to date.

Honda, Honda, Honda.

But how else is Honda in the social media world...

These are just to name a few and the first I found in my google search for Honda Forums

What does all this mean?  It gives you an idea of the enthusiasts for the brand.  It can show us how successful brands are followed like a religion.  It can show us the power of brand and how it carries on into the social world and is part of the consumer's free time.

Okay so you might be thinking your low cost product could never become so popular or achieve the kind of online success of Honda.  After all the money we spend on a car it makes since that it would be part of our identities.

Let's look at Coke...

Coke was searched on Google 1,500,000 times in June.

If you search for Coke on YouTube there are over 47,500 results.  These are all user submitted.

One of the most popular themes at quick glance is Coke plus Mentos.

Coke however has a different search experience.  Although there is the Coke Fan Club there is negative data as well.  See:

Clearly the point here is that people will care about your brand and product if the marketers do their jobs and create a strong brand image in the marketplace.  It is important as marketers never to assume people the level of care about a product due to cost.  The cost does not define the brand.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MobileMe Launching on July 9th Between 6pm-12am PT

Apple has announced the launch date and time for their MobileMe service. The revamped .Mac service will offer web-based email, calendar, addressbook, photo gallery and storage capabilities as well as "Push" sync services. Apple announced MobileMe at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference in e...

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Thanks Cartoon Barry

Thanks for visiting Cartoon Barry!

I enjoy reading your blog!

Claiming my Technorati

Technorati Profile

How Reddit is Flirting With The Future of Social News

Here's a look at why the idea of a social news site front page that is newspaper-like and presents information in reverse chronological presentation has to change - and how Reddit is flirting with the answer.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Google, Yahoo spiders can now crawl through Flash sites

Adobe has announced that it is working with Google and Yahoo to finally ensure that Flash SWF files are indexable by search engines. Google has already gotten a jump start on this feature that designers have been asking for since the late 90s, too.

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Why Nonprofits Should Make Use of Social Networking Sites

I find this story very interesting. My favorite example of a cause that works in social media venues is the "Product Red" campaign. This campaign ties the products to the cause and makes the cause fashionable. This campaign for AIDS also has many celebrity stars speaking out.

Simply Put - To get more exposure from a wider audience, that you never would've reached if it wasn't for Social Networking sites...

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Google does it again with Google Books - a review

Check out Google Books

if you haven't already checked this out it is Google's way of listing all the world's books! Yes, all the books in the world. For us marketers it is also a way to promote your own book.

How it works:

Just like a search engine. You enter the keyword or phase you are looking for and google reterns all the books whose contents match your search term.

I tested it out...I glanced over on my shelf and saw the book: "Getting to Yes", I typed the word "yes" in to the search box and the second book after the book "Yes" was "Getting to Yes" which was the book I was looking to find. Interesting.

How about the contents inside of books? For all you "Devil Wears Prada" Girls. I am going to search under the name: Lily Goodwin, a free-spirited graduate student in Russian literature at Columbia with curly black hair, who rooms with Andrea (main character in the book), her longtime friend whom she went through high school and college with.

- Err, no natta, nothing...Google couldn't find this one. What about the main character? Andrea Sachs

no luck again, so in conclusion, if you search for titles, descriptions, and text on the outside of a book you are in luck.

Of course since it is Google, they have the Publisher's Program.

The Best Countries For Business

As a follow up to my blog on marketing abroad....

Denmark tops our annual list of the best (and worst) places in the world for business

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Firefox Users Most Secure on Internet, Study Reveals

Mozilla Firefox fans might rest a little easier these days after a study released Tuesday revealed that its users are most secure on the Internet.

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5 Most HATED Companies Online

this was written by Rhea Drysdale. Please link to her marketing blog.

5. Verizon

Verizon sucks

Google Search: “Verizon Sucks” = 17,100 results
Google Search: “I Hate Verizon” = 7,530 results


Best of the Worst:

How Bad Can a Cell Phone Company Get?

4. Wal-Mart

Walmart Sucks

Google Search: “Wal-Mart Sucks” = 19,100 results
Google Search: “I Hate Walmart” = 17,700 results

Best of the Worst:

3. Comcast

Comcast Sucks

Google Search: “Comcast Sucks” = 26,900 results
Google Search: “I Hate Comcast” = 10,900 results

Best of the Worst:

Comcast Technician Sleeping on Couch:

2. AOL

AOL Sucks

Google Search: “AOL Sucks” = 41,000 results
Google Search: “I Hate AOL” = 10,800 results

Best of the Worst:

Canceling AOL Account:


1. Microsoft

microsoft sucks

Google Search: “Microsoft Sucks” = 64,800 results
Google Search: “I Hate Microsoft” = 81,800 results

Best of the Worst:

Chris Pirillo Calls Microsoft Outlook Tech Support:

This public service announcement to rude customer service departments and frustrating applications is brought to you by We All Hate Quickbooks, developed by the creators of Less Accounting. We make life less annoying.

UPDATE – Some additions to the list:

If you can think of other companies that should be on here, please share them in the comments below or on digg.


MySpace Sucks

Google Search: “MySpace Sucks” = 110,000 results
Google Search: “I Hate MySpace” = 70,700 results
(I think we have a winner, can anyone beat it?!)

Best of the Worst:

The Megan Meier Story:

(thanks to Drew from Digg)


Google Sucks

Google Search: “Google Sucks” = 132,000 results
Google Search: “I Hate Google” = 27,000 results

Best of the Worst:

Note: The Google Sucks results are tainted by posts like this one from a friend, Barry Schwartz, who purposefully wrote about it in a humorous post and encouraged others to do the same. Also, the sheer number of Google users that are technologically advanced versus say a Wal-Mart customer is probably a huge difference. This means when a Wal-Mart customer gets screwed they probably turn to a lawyer or watch group rather than their blog.

You’ve Been Googled:

(I posted a video about Google, but on further examination it was clear that the beliefs of Less Everything weren’t in alignment with those of the speaker. We personally love Google and use all of their tools, so it didn’t feel right saying negative things about them. Besides I used Google to google everything, which seems to negate many of these comments. Also… Steve made me do it! So, enjoy this cute puppy!!!)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Taking a Marketing Job Abroad

Today in my marketing blog I am going to cover the decision to work abroad. It is a tough decision for anyone, especially in marketing. Simply stated, there are cultural issues, language barriers, religious issues, and economic issues. What if your company asked you to work in the Middle East? I am "Just a Girl in the Marketing World" and as a young woman I am not sure I would want to tackle the Middle East.

I am a high-achiever and I have overcome barriers in the past and I still have tremendous experience to offer the U.S. If all expatriates such myself only acted in the realm of safety and security would the U.S be as global as we are today?

The Middle East’s housing is different than the typical western-style. There are parts of the country, which are set up as diplomatic areas. These communities are rare, but could be considered a safe area for U.S. citizens such as myself. I may not want to live in an apartment area such as this, but this form of housing is an option to help me feel safe.

I am also a family girl and the culture in the Middle East isolates the females in the country. I experienced this when I visited Bahrain. People tend interact as a family unit. I never met any of the family members of my subordinates. Women are not allowed to drive, ride a bike, or travel without a male. Females are very restricted. Surely the my company would provide me with a driver and it is common for expatriate women to use a taxi, but this can make the strongest woman feel dependent.

I guess it takes a certain kind of person to embrace and understand different cultures, but being open does not ensure success in a foreign area of this nature. What do you think?

Mary Kay is a Scam!

Any marketing blog should cover a company that uses the networking, party plan for success. Admittedly this plan works, however it does not work for the hopeful housewife, or hopeful entrepreneur, or better yet the person who want out of their dead end corporate job.

I admit, Mary Kay makes good makeup, but this is not how they make their money. They make money on getting you to become an Independent Sales Representative. The kit only costs $100 and you get a ton of products for the value. After you join someone higher in the food chain will encourage you to carry inventory. I met on girl that had about $6000 dollars in inventory. Are you kidding? It takes years to sell this amount of makeup, no matter how wonderful of a product you are sell.

The way to success in a pyramid scheme of this type is to recruit and encourage inventories, 24 X 7. Mary Kay is now to to the point where they are giving bonuses for recruiting alone. What is interesting about this is if you study control systems, you learn to put monetary incentives around the actions you want your reports to follow. Mary Kay does this very well. I won't sign up.