Saturday, July 12, 2008

Honda's online success VS Coke

Honda had over 16,600,000 searches in June on google alone!

Honda also has in total over 42,ooo channel views on YouTube on the Honda Channel

In a YouTube Search for Honda there are over 160,000 different possible video links.
Check out this Honda YouTube video from Spike TV:  Watch Video
This video Honda Video has received over 203 comments to date.

Honda, Honda, Honda.

But how else is Honda in the social media world...

These are just to name a few and the first I found in my google search for Honda Forums

What does all this mean?  It gives you an idea of the enthusiasts for the brand.  It can show us how successful brands are followed like a religion.  It can show us the power of brand and how it carries on into the social world and is part of the consumer's free time.

Okay so you might be thinking your low cost product could never become so popular or achieve the kind of online success of Honda.  After all the money we spend on a car it makes since that it would be part of our identities.

Let's look at Coke...

Coke was searched on Google 1,500,000 times in June.

If you search for Coke on YouTube there are over 47,500 results.  These are all user submitted.

One of the most popular themes at quick glance is Coke plus Mentos.

Coke however has a different search experience.  Although there is the Coke Fan Club there is negative data as well.  See:

Clearly the point here is that people will care about your brand and product if the marketers do their jobs and create a strong brand image in the marketplace.  It is important as marketers never to assume people the level of care about a product due to cost.  The cost does not define the brand.

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