Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paid Search for your Personal Mom Blog

Paid Search for your Mom Blog. Why would I spend money on a personal blog?

You spend money on your mom blog for the same reason you would pay for a web design. I started with the sole purpose of becoming a high traffic Mommy Blog. The two tactics that I am using for this blog are paid search and SEO. I promise to do a post later on SEO for the mom blog. But the purpose of this post is to talk about why you should consider Paid Search as a method for gaining traffic.

You could be the best funniest blogger in the world and if no one finds your blog then you won't get traffic. One of the problems with mom bloggers in general is that they tend to play in the same circle. Mom blogs are funny creative and most of them share a common purpose. Once you want to get a real amount of traffic, you need to get bloggers outside of the mom circle to come to your site.

This is where paid search comes into play. Suppose you are a mom blogger that discusses what it is like to live in Chicago. Consider advertising for your blog on a Chicago website. Do you always walk down to the same bookstore for their story hour events? Consider buying an ad for your mommy blog on the site? These are just a few creative ways to make some money on your blog. They are inexpensive but can yield a small local following, which can enhance the reach of your blog.


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Kristin said...

We've definitely started to make use of advertising!