Monday, September 15, 2008

Marketing Blog - Top “Strange” Baby Trends List

Top Strange Baby Trends

Trend Hunter’s “Top 30 Baby Trends” list of 2008 is out, so I thought I’d “share the crazy” because it really is a bizarre collection of trends and products. Sure…it’s

a little odd to post a “years best” list this early in the year, but it’s an odd list so you’ll probably forget that it’s June when reading about pregnant men.

Trend Hunter covers what could be described as extreme themes and products (not always family/work friendly content), so consider that your warning before following the links. I’ve covered a few trends mentioned in their list in past posts, but here’s a few from Trend Hunter’s top 30 baby trends that I didn’t know about:

  • Giant Gurgle (World’s First Baby Rollercoaster): The Alton Towers theme pack located in Staffordshire, England is working on the world’s first baby rollercoaster being called Giant Gurgle. Babies six-months-old and up will soon be able to enjoy the 2 mph trek which lasts just over a minute. The ride is surrounded by a path allowing new parents to stroll along side their thrill-seeking infants.
  • Wranglers (for Babies): I’m not sure how I missed the release of this product, but apparently Wrangler sells canvas diaper covers. Your little buckaroo will fit right in at the next rodeo thanks to the authentic back pockets and Wrangler patch!
  • Her First High Heels (Heelarious): If you’re looking for a gag-gift for an upcoming baby shower, I think a pair of these baby heels would be perfect if the mom on your gift list was a shoe freak. These soft, baby-friendly shoes come in 0-6 months.

That’s your healthy dose of fun for this Monday baby fans! Click on the comments bubble above to share a bizarre baby-related trend or product of your own.


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